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A True View of Body Image

Published: April 17, 2014

By Chelsea

Often when the discussion of body image is brought up, many girls get self-conscious and tend to get paranoid about their appearance. Do you think the world has given a false description of what an individual should look like in order to be considered beautiful or attractive? I personally believe our media has destroyed female mindsets, declaring that in order to be accepted your body must look a certain way or you will be excluded from what the world views as popular.

I am currently reading a phenomenal book titled, “Perfectly Unique” by Annie F. Downs. This is a high school book written by a Christian author who dissects the meaning of true beauty. Downs tells young readers that beauty is not found in being a size zero, having the perfect highlights, wearing name-brand clothing, or even having model-style make up. No matter how old you are, every lady has been blessed being perfectly unique in her own way. Wow! That just blows my mind how we are all so different in our own special way.  

I looked up body image up in the dictionary and this is what the search box showed me. Body image is how you see yourself when you look in the mirror or when you picture yourself in your mind. It matters not if you wear a size 16 or a size two, if you are a positive individual who is proud of yourself and confident in the way you present yourself, your body image is perfectly acceptable. If you are content with yourself and pleased with who you are, your body image is nothing more than something that makes you smile. Body image is not the size you are or the brand of clothing you own, it is truly about the unique attributes that make up you. 


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