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A Young Father's View: Telling My Mom

Published: June 18, 2014

By Thomas

The first time I let my mom know my girlfriend was pregnant, I thought my life was completely over. I couldn’t even get it out of my mouth; my sister had to tell her for me. I stood right in front of my mom with my mouth open and the look of death on my face. Once my sister told her, I saw myself flying through every room in the house, but my mom just looked at me and started crying. That actually made me feel a lot worse than if I had gotten in trouble. Telling her made me feel like I disappointed her and that she was ashamed of me. Now, she sees that I am a responsible parent, and I have all her respect. She is a wonderful grandmother to my daughter. I couldn’t ask for anything more than the family I have. However, I do not envy anyone having to tell their parents the news I had to tell my mom. I never wanted to disappoint her. 

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