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Becoming a Father Will Change My Life

Published: May 15, 2015

By Julian Z.

My goal for after graduation was to start a collision repair shop and go to college. After I figured out I was going to be a dad a lot of things changed. The most important is responsibility. I still think about going to college and graduating, but since this happened I’ll have to wait. I have to focus on the baby now. Now all I do is work to support my family. Now my plans are to wait until my baby’s mom is out of high school so she can help take care of the baby while I’m in college. I’m not sure how everything will work out, but I’m keeping my head up. I think everything will be ok. Never think negative; just think positive.

Having a baby changed my life in many ways. It makes you see things differently and makes you think differently, too. Before the baby I would just think about getting money to fix my car up to make it look better. Now, I just worry about having money for the baby. I work every day now, and I stress a lot more than before. I can’t think much about my future now because my baby’s future is more important than mine. Many things have changed, and I don’t think they will stop changing either. None of the changes are bad, there are just more responsibilities than before. Life will always change though, so I will always try to think positively about it.

I have many hopes and dreams for my child. The most important one is that he will be healthy. I hope he does well, and in order for that to happen I have to do my part. I want him to graduate high school and go to college so he can have his dreams as well. I also hope he is respectful, but I know that depends on how I raise him. Therefore I have to work on showing him what is right and what is wrong.

It’s amazing knowing that there is a baby in my girlfriend’s belly. Every morning he is moving around and I can feel it with my hand. You can feel the kicks and movements. I know he is growing a lot. There is so much to come. I can’t wait to meet my son and watch him grow and change and learn. It is all a blessing.


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