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Less is More: Why Using Two Condoms at Once is a Very Bad Choice

Published: June 3, 2015

You know how some people say less is more? That’s not true for a lot of things, like when you’re getting free scoops of ice cream or nom-ing at your favorite Mexican restaurant. BUT “less is more” is extremely true when it comes to using condoms the right way.

Some people think that using more than one condom at once is more effective than using just one. WRONG! Using two condoms at once can cause more harm than good. The friction that occurs when two condoms rub against each other can cause breakage. As a result, semen (and sexually transmitted infections!) can leak through and cause pregnancies and spread disease. Yikes!

Although the only 100% way to prevent an unplanned pregnancy and the transmission of STIs is through abstinence, using a condom is one of the ways to reduce those events from happening.

If you or your partner are looking for ways to protect yourselves during sex, look into different forms of birth control and contraceptives. Just remember that it is never a good idea to use two or more condoms at once. Just use one at a time and you’re done!