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Don't be a Bully

Published: August 6, 2014

Name calling. Gossip. Threats. Abuse. Each attribute to one too common act: bullying. 

Being a Teen Mom Isn't Easy

Published: July 9, 2014

One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do was tell my family that I was pregnant.

I Am a Teen Mom

Published: June 25, 2014

A teen mom shares what it's like to get pregnant as a teenager

A Young Father's View: Telling My Mom

Published: June 18, 2014

Thomas, a young father, talks about telling his mother he was going to be a dad.

A Young Father's View: First Time Getting Her Hair Done

Published: June 5, 2014

Thomas, a young father, talks about the first time his daughter got her hair done.

A Young Father's View: A Trip to the Park

Published: May 30, 2014

Thomas, a young father, talks about the first time he took his daughter to the park.

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Don’t Just Stand By

  • You hear one student call another by an ugly racial slur
  • You see several students trip and shove a student they think is gay
  • You receive a tweet that describes a female student’s body with sexually shaming language

What should you do?

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Real Talk:
Get Vaccinated

Getting routine shots from your doctor is never fun, but getting HPV is worse.

Protect yourself by getting vaccinated. The HPV Vaccine is cancer prevention. Ask your doctor about what you can do to stay safe, or call 865-215-5000 to schedule a vaccination appointment at the Health Department.