Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships


Many unhealthy relationships do not start out in a mean way.  Most people who have experienced an unhealthy relationship share that the relationship felt good and fun in the beginning.  Relationships that become abusive do so over time and often teens are not aware of how unhealthy a relationships is becoming until it becomes abusive.


“RED FLAG” Behaviors

Teens should be aware of “RED FLAG” behaviors that might mean that the relationship is not healthy.

  • Extreme jealousy (acting angry when you spend time with other friends or family)
  • Controlling behavior (wanting you to answer all their calls and texts immediately)
  • Isolating behavior (wanting you to spend all your time with them)
  • Emotional and verbal abuse (putting you down and making you feel afraid to be yourself)
  • Threats and anger (Extreme anger with threats of hurting you, someone you love, or themselves)
  • Destruction of Property (breaking your phone or other possessions that are meaningful to you)
  • Physical abuse (hitting, grabbing, slapping, kicking, choking, or punching you)