Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships

In a healthy relationship, both people should feel like they can be themselves.  Each person should be able to do activities that they enjoy and hang out with friends and family.  Both people should be able to enjoy activities together and apart. When there is conflict, it is important to fight fair without name calling, extreme anger, or physical abuse.   Both people should feel respected, as well as emotionally and physically safe. 

Many unhealthy relationships do not start out in a mean way.  Most people who have experienced an unhealthy relationship share that the relationship felt good and fun in the beginning.  Relationships that become abusive do so over time and often teens are not aware of how unhealthy a relationships is becoming until it becomes abusive.

For signs of an unhealthy relationships, read about “RED FLAG” Behaviors.

To learn more about what happens when a relationship is becoming very unhealthy, read about the Cycle of Abuse.



If you feel you or someone you care about is in an abusive relationship, please contact the Family Justice Center for support at 865-521-6336.